In today’s episode, I interview Laura Yepez, the owner of Wicker Park Inn, located at 1331 N Wicker Park Avenue, nominated by Emily Gloekler from One Strange Bird. I drive by her beautiful building often when I’m dropping my kids off at school and I’ve always been curious about what the place was like. In this episode, we discuss how she took over the Inn in 2004 and redecorated, expanded, and renovated the space over the years to the current offering which has 9 rooms to rent.

We also talk about the packages she offers, which include local eats from Milk & Honey, Alliance Bakery, and Jeni’s Ice Cream. I think it’s a brilliant touch that makes staying there super unique and very Chicago!  We also dig into pandemic pivots and the great ideas she came up with to keep the business afloat. Laura was such a pleasure to speak with and struck me as a smart and savvy entrepreneur – I’m excited to share this interview with you! Here’s Laura Yepez from Wicker Park Inn… enjoy! 

In Laura Yepez’s interview, we discuss: 

  • A bit about Laura and how she came to start the Wicker Park Inn in 2004 
  • The changes she made to the building when she took it over 
  • Designing the three additional rooms she added in 2006 
  • Adding an additional building to the inn and gut rehabbing it in 2016  
  • Some of the packages she offers guests at the inn 
  • Partnering with other local small businesses to offer a unique stay 
  • Becoming a one woman show when the pandemic started in 2020
  • The point at which business started to pick back up and she was able to rehire staff 
  • Other pandemic pivots: staycations and micro weddings at the Inn 
  • Laura as a woman, minority, and independent business owner 

Laura’s nominations:

  • Milk & Honey – breakfast & brunch cafe at 1920 W Division St in Wicker Park
  • Field & Florist – florist located at 1908 W Division St in Wicker Park, provides flowers for the micro weddings hosted at Wicker Park Inn
  • Alliance Bakery – Laura’s former business located at 1736 W Division St in Wicker Park

Wicker Park Inn
1331 North Wicker Park Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 486-2743