I met today’s entrepreneur at my first in-person networking event since COVID back in June. I’ve been a member of Chicago Moms in Business for a while and I’ve met quite a few of the guests on this podcast via that group. It was so exciting (and a bit weird to be honest, since it had been so long) to be able to meet some new people face to face! I had a short couple-minute conversation with Nora Kerr from Memoir for Me as I was headed out the door and I knew I’d want to have a longer chat to learn more about her business so I invited her to be a guest on the podcast. 

Nora and her team interview people’s loved ones and turns the transcripts from those conversations and family pictures into a beautiful legacy storybook to share with generations to come. Even though this is a bit different from my usual interviews on this podcast as she doesn’t have a storefront, I wanted to share it because this kind of thing is totally my jam, and wholeheartedly believe in the importance of capturing your family’s memories. Listen in to hear more about why she started the business and what kinds of packages she offers.

In Nora’s interview we discuss:

  • A little about the services that Memoir for Me offers and how Nora and her team creates keepsake memory books that include both stories and photos about a loved one
  • How Nora came up with the idea for her business in 2015
  • The free resources and tools available on her website for how people who can’t invest in her services can capture their loved ones stories
  • The effect COVID had on her business
  • When the best time is to start the process of capturing your loved one’s stories

Nora’s nominations

Nora chose a few photo organizers that she works closely with to help her tell stories:

Memoir for Me
Instagram: @memoirforme
Facebook: @memoirforme