I’ve actually known today’s entrepreneur for several years. I had met Kelly Brask at a networking event back when I was working to grow my health coaching business. We clicked instantly because of her business: professional organizing, which was another entrepreneurial venture I had tried my hand at.

Organizers have definitely grown in popularity over the last several years with shows like the Home Edit and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I know I certainly appreciate the calm that having a clean and organized home brings me!  In this episode, Kelly discusses exactly what a professional organizer does and what niches of organizing she specializes in as well as how she fared attempting “virtual” organizing during the pandemic.  We also bond and have a laugh over our “zero inboxing” and attempts at minimalism.  So here it is: my interview with Kelly Brask, Certified Professional Organizer: 

In Kelly Brask’s interview we discuss:

  • What a professional organizer does and some of the niches that organizers serve
  • How Kelly got started with professional organizing and the types of organizing she offers
  • Some of her favorite organizing tips
  • What pandemic organizing was like – attempting virtual organizing and taking up gmail cleanup organizing and helping others Airtable templates
  • Getting back in person for organizing
  • The areas around Chicagoland that she serves

Kelly’s nominations

  • Lizzy J Cafe – 2205 W Montrose Ave – breakfast and brunch cafe
  • The Bodylux RX – 4015 N Rockwell St – chiropractor Dr Kathleen Morris
  • Skippagosh – Kelly’s friend Laura opened a party planning business in the middle of the pandemic!

Kelly Brask Certified Professional Organizer®
Serving Chicago & Northern Suburbs