I was introduced to today’s business and one of its founders twice in a matter of a week: Mike Healy from Guild Row, located at 3130 N. Rockwell St in Avondale.  The first was by Melissa Zeman from BottlesUp! (which was episode 25 of the podcast), the second was via a friend who listens to the podcast and is also a member. I knew I had to have Mike on to hear more about this really cool social club with members who “give a damn”. 

We discussed the construction of the space and a bit about the different areas of the club, which include co-working space, a woodshop, a commercial kitchen, and a courtyard outdoor space. We also dig into the creatives, entrepreneurs, and activists who make up the membership base of Guild Row and details about becoming a member. I’m really looking forward to checking it out and meeting some of the members when I go for an event that Melissa Zeman is hosting there soon. Without further ado, here is Mike Healy from Guild Row!

In Mike Healy’s interview we discuss:

  • How Mike and his partners Jim Lasko and Elyse Agnello started Guild Row and why they chose to make a social club centered around “people who give a damn”: educators, creators, activists, etc
  • Features of the space at Guild Row: co-working, woodshop, commercial kitchen, courtyard space
  • The construction of the space and how they chose the location
  • A week in the life of Guild Row
  • A bit about membership – application process and fees

Mike’s nominations

  • Nikki Darling Confections – owner Evan Coben incubated in Guild Row’s shared kitchen during the pandemic
  • The Simple Good – member Priya Shah runs this non-profit that provides social-emotional curriculum to children in high-need areas
  • BottlesUp! – returning the love to prior My Chicago Podcast guest Melissa Zeman
  • Linsey Herman – makes ceramics in her basement
  • The Oakley Oven – Pat Ceron and Matt Merjavi created this non-profit nightclub in their backyard

Guild Row
3130 N. Rockwell St
Chicago IL 60618
(773) 654-3823