Today’s business is one that I suspect many of you might be curious to learn about – a pole dancing fitness studio! Andrea Caines from Catalyst Movement Arts at 2100 W. Grand Avenue in West Town is here to talk about starting the studio with her business partner David Owen, how pole dancing might be different from what you’d expect, and some of the benefits over and above the physical fitness aspect of the workout. I have tried pole dancing classes in the past, and I can definitely vouch for the upsides she discusses in the interview! I will have to stop by Catalyst to give it another go, as it’s been several years since I’ve taken a class. Have a listen to the interview below!

In Andrea’s interview we discuss:

  • Starting Catalyst Movement Arts with her partner David in 2017
  • What they were trying to create when they started the studio
  • Benefits of pole dancing over and above the physical fitness
  • What someone new to pole dancing can expect in a class at Catalyst
  • The biggest benefits that Andrea has personally gained through her pole dancing journey
  • Classes available at Catalyst and other services
  • How they fared during the pandemic and unexpected upsides of having to shut down

Andrea’s nominations

Catalyst Movement Arts
2100 W. Grand Avenue
Suite 3B
Chicago, IL 60612