I’ve seen today’s business around social media and since what this business offers is totally my jam, I knew I’d want to feature them on the podcast. Gordon Meyer from Bizarre Bucktown is on the show today discussing the history of his business and how he discovered the stories he shares on his walking tours of Bucktown and Wicker Park. He also shares part of one of the stories from his tour around the history of Walsh Park and I got confirmation that the Bucktown Pub (which was episode 14 of the podcast) does indeed have a haunted history! I definitely want to get out for a tour sometime before it gets too cold out as I’d love to hear more about the history of the neighborhood!  Here’s my interview with Gordon Meyer of Bizarre Bucktown!

In Gordon Meyer’s interview we discuss:

  • A bit about Bizarre Bucktown and how Gordon decided to start the tour
  • Where he got his stories about Bucktown and Wicker Park and why he chose to have his tour in this neighborhood
  • Gordon’s other hobbies and work interests
  • The mix of tourists vs locals on his tours
  • One of his favorite stories from the tour: Walsh Park
  • How the pandemic impacted his business and how he used his writing skills to create booklets of neighborhood history & stories during the shutdown: Bizarre Fact Files
  • Confirmation that Bucktown Pub has some haunted history (as pub General Manager Autumn Giltner suspected!)
Bizarre Bucktown Logo

Gordon’s nominations

Bizarre Bucktown
1579 N Milwaukee Ave
Flat Iron Arts Building Suite 203
Chicago IL 60622
Instagram: @bizarrebucktown (Gordon has a fun feed, check it out!)
Facebook: @bizarrebucktown