Today’s guest is another entrepreneur I met at the networking event I discussed last week. Kim Bosse actually hosted the event at her space, Birch Road Cellar and today’s episode is all about this incredible space and super unique business. In this episode, Kim discusses creating this members-only “neighborhood clubhouse” BYOB club back in 2014 and how they chose each of their locations: the first in Lincoln Park at 1113 W Armitage, followed by the space at 2002 W Roscoe in Roscoe Village, and lastly, a space in Seattle when her business partner moved there in 2019.

We dig into the details of what is included in membership and how Birch Road Cellar differs from a traditional private club as well as some of the events the club hosts for its members. I must say, the space is beautiful and I definitely would love to hang there. Listen in to hear more about the company and perks of membership from Kim Bosse from Birch Road Cellar…

Birch Road Cellar Logo

In Kim’s interview we discuss:

  • Why Kim and her business partner Sharon opened Birch Road Cellar in 2014 and how they came up with idea of a BYOB membership-based “neighborhood clubhouse” as an alternative to a bar
  • Benefits of having a separate space like Birch Road Cellar for socializing – “gathering simplified”
  • Membership levels, fees, and benefits as well as differences from a traditional private club
  • Choosing locations in Chicago and expanding to Seattle and a bit about each of the three clubs
  • Pandemic effects: closing the clubs, virtual events, and how members continued to support Birch Road through the tough times

Kim’s nominations

  • Bottles’ Up – 3164A N. Broadway (Lakeview) Melissa Zeman – wine store
  • Off Premise – 1128 W Armitage Ave (Lincoln Park) Adam – great whiskey and craft beer selection

Birch Road Cellar
1113 W. Armitage Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

2002 W. Roscoe Street
Chicago, IL 60618
(312) 715-7774

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