I had first learned about today’s business in the Bucktown Community Facebook group in a thread about the best pizza in the neighborhood. I gave it a try and really enjoyed it, and was curious to learn more about the business as it seemed to have a ton of fans in the neighborhood.  Brian Tondryk, owner of Bartoli’s Pizzeria with locations in Roscoe Village at 1955 W. Addison St and West Town at 658 N. Ashland Ave, is on the show today discussing his family roots in Gino’s East and why he decided to start his own pizza restaurant. We also dig into a bit around their community service and engagement as well as the awards they’ve received for their deep dish pizza and more. So in honor of “National Pizza Month” wrapping with the end of October near, enjoy a Chicago classic with today’s episode with Brian Tondryk of Bartoli’s Pizzeria.

In Brian Tondryk’s interview we discuss:

  • Getting inspired to open a pizza restaurant from his grandfather, who started Gino’s East in 1966
  • Making pizza for friends and family, perfecting his recipe, and ultimately opening his first location in Roscoe Village in 2013
  • Earning awards for his deep dish, and a bit about the cracker crust pizza
  • Expanding to West Town right when covid started in March 2020, and challenges around getting the word out about the new location during lockdown
  • Leaning on takeout and delivery during the pandemic
  • Giving back to the neighborhood in West Town and Roscoe Village to homeless, people out of work, and schools
  • People coming in from all over the world to try their pizza
  • Bartolis as a great option for a night out as a BYOB, family owned business

Brian’s nominations

  • Cuba 312 – 2054 W Roscoe in Roscoe Village – small, family owned Cuban restaurant

Bartoli’s Pizzeria
Roscoe’s Village
1955 W. Addison St
Chicago, IL 60613

West Town
658 N. Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
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