About Carrie & The My Chicago Podcast

I was born and raised in the Western Suburbs and have spent all but my college years plus a couple of years post-graduation in the Chicago area and I have been living in the city proper for 19 years (where does the time go?) I’ve lived in a few different neighborhoods on the North Side including Wrigleyville, North Center, Uptown, and Humboldt Park, and currently reside in Ukrainian Village with my husband and two kids. My husband and I have always had a deep appreciation and love for Chicago, so much so that it was the theme at our wedding (in fact, the My Chicago podcast logo is a slightly tweaked version of our wedding logo!). What I love most about the city is the diversity, the culture, and the uniqueness of all of the small businesses that make our city so special. 


I have always enjoyed having a passion project alongside my full-time job in corporate and most recently I had a podcast and blog called The Modern Mom Society where I interviewed experts on a wide variety of topics relating to parenting and motherhood. I absolutely love talking to people, hearing their stories, and using my talents to help others and I especially have a soft spot for helping entrepreneurs succeed, but I felt like the Modern Mom Society had run its course and I was ready for a new project. 

2020 was a challenging year for so many of us and entrepreneurs of small businesses were especially hit hard. I was inspired to start a new podcast helping these struggling businesses survive the pandemic by sharing the stories and the people behind the businesses with My Chicago. 

I hope you enjoy the stories I share and patronize the businesses highlighted and help these small businesses survive these difficult times.


Carrie & Rob's Wedding Day